Audrey MoeNorthfield, MN—Vice President of the Association—1000 Cannon Valley Drive
& Program Committee Member

          Thank you Lin, for sharing your experience, challenges, and wisdom with us. We were all touched!

As coordinator for the event, I appreciated Lin’s MECHANICS—She arrived on time, spoke an appropriate length of time, was well spoken, looked great.

In regards to the HEART OF THE DAY—Lin greeted participants in a warm, welcoming, friendly manner, especially our special needs resident. Her message was well received by all—it was meaningful to all ages and conditions. Many mentioned a "new resolve" after hearing her. Lin’s goals of motivating and inspiring were met in such a positive and entertaining way.

Tara Bannon WilliamsonDenver, CO—Senior Librarian—Park Hill Branch Library

Listeners at Lin McLaughlin Bruce's presentation were encouraged to try new things, believe in themselves and see the possibility of adventure around every corner! It was a great fit for our community. Working with Lin Bruce was delightful as she is very professional, timely, and communicative—a dream to work with!

Stacie FalveyLake City, MN—Adult Services Librarian

We were so pleased with the recent "Yes! I Think I Can!" presentation by Lin McLaughlin Bruce. Our staff and community members found her stories and experience both inspiring and motivating. Her insight on "how to be present" and how not to be afraid of challenges or change at any age were of particular value to all who came to listen. We strongly recommend Lin's presentation to adults who are ready to play bigger in their lives!

Katherine StecherRochester, MN Library Program Coordinator

       As a library programming coordinator for the past 14 years, I have hosted dozens of public events on a wide range of topics for varied audiences. However, this was the first time that a patron told me that "This is was by far the best speaker you've ever had here."

It is my pleasure to recommend Lin Bruce as a keynote speaker for audiences of all ages. The Rochester Public Library was fortunate enough to engage her for a public event on February 15, 2017, and her ability to connect with all members in the audience was astonishing.

I absolutely recommend Lin Bruce as a speaker for an inspiring public event.

I don't have anything less than wonderful to say! The impact of Lin’s keynote message was very personal and impactful—it fit right in with the whole theme of Dreams at this year’s WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) annual meeting. Her words, facial expressions, songs, all came across with great warmth, sincerity, intrigue and intimacy. I heard nothing but positive comments—the audience loved it, I could just tell.

Nancy Carlson, 
current WINGS president and Annual Meeting Chair
Becky Orr Reporter

You are an inspiration! People were revved up by your speech—ready to stretch themselves. What you said will stick with me for a long time. I admire your tremendous drive, your determination, and your ability to say yes to what’s possible in our lives. You make me feel like I could do something, too!

I have interviewed many people in my 35 years doing this job. You rise to the top in terms of people whose memory will remain with me and who I am truly happy I met."

Daniel JoderFine Art Photographer, Former Member and Assistant Coach of US Military Cycling Team

What an inspirational (and VERY entertaining) story! As a fellow cyclist, I identify with so much of what you said (I, too, never look at the top of the climb when I am on my way up). What you are doing is a beautiful inspiration for me—on how to live this one life on Earth to the fullest. Good luck on all of your future adventures and ride safe!​

Peggy Prowe Former City Council Member, Active Statewide Bicycle Trail Advocate

In Lin's talks to the Northfield Rotary and the Faribault Flyers Bike Club, she shared her challenges and adventures in such a lively, engaging way that we were all inspired!! The Northfield Senior Pedalers look forward to Lin enticing novice as well as experienced bicyclists to enjoy the 2015 season riding together.

Elizabeth O. Hutchins M.S., M.Div.

Hearing Lin Bruce talk about her bike rides across the country has been inspiring and highly motivating. Her courage, stamina, deep appreciation of landscape through which she is riding, and the value she places on the community of women with whom she travels are all deeply moving. Lin provides a stellar example to us all: 'Get in touch with your passion. It is never too late!' It’s encouraged me to continue wilderness paddling and exploration, recognizing how these fuel my spirit for teaching and ministry.

Barbara Altstaetter Retired Educator and Advocate for Lifelong Learning

We can’t reach out or give to others when we're empty ourselves. Lin has discovered how to fill herself up, to nurture herself and set her soul free! Through humor, story, and song Lin has us believing that we too can take a risk, open our hearts, live a life of great possibility and adventure. With a deep understanding of what feeling small and inadequate is like, Lin teaches us that we can fill ourselves up and be open to living our dream by taking just one step at a time. Lin is an inspiration! She is living a life she designed by herself, for herself and her example shows us we can do it too.

Lin’s humor, warmth, and smile makes us believe in ourselves. I enjoyed Lin’s well-prepared presentation at our Rotary Club about her biking adventures. Her enthusiasm for mastering a skill at age 60 was contagious and the addition of her original song snippets a lively bonus!

Ruth Crane, 
Former Executive Manager of the Norwegian American Historical Association
Julia Uleberg RN, LMP, Energy Worker and Storyteller

Lin brings a very unique and authentic voice to her bike adventure talks. She combines a sense of wild adventure with spiritual pilgrimage, which I find very inspiring. I love the thought of an older woman meeting her fears and doing something that she absolutely and entirely loves. It is freeing and motivating. I’ve been inspired to meet my limiting messages and go forward: I've recently gone back to backpacking, something I have not done for 30-some years.