Home, sweet home!

Husband Bob with Lin,             Christmas 2014

Outdoor fun...

Passing the passion for biking on to grandsons #3 & 4!


Lin and her 4 sisters, 2013

Friendships are precious

"North Shore Friends," named for annual retreat to Lake Superior, have been meeting monthly since 1978!

Sister reunions bring lots of wonderful, silly humor.

Wednesdays aren't complete without meeting with this group of friends over coffee.

Some of the 8 grandchildren

Sweet granddaughters # 4 & #2

Lovely granddaughters #1,2 & 3

Grandson #1 with his father and stepmom

Grandson #4, ready to refuel like a good cyclist!

Lin and Bob with their four children.

Family photo time

Nearly the entire clan! —2015

with husband Bob, decked out in his kilt to celebrate his 80th birthday

Special Time

With granddaughter #3—
After a fun day visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art


Annual neighborhood Spring Garden Party: with long-time family friend, Bob Will. —2015

Lin Bruce is a late blooming, against-the-odds cross country cyclist, whose first transcontinental ride was in honor of her 60th birthday in 1999. In the years since then, she has crossed the U.S. four times and bicycled 660 miles to attend her 60th high school reunion, among other adventures.

Lin is a retired massage therapist, mother of four children, grandmother to eight, and wife of retired librarian turned yoga teacher. When she went from biking across town to biking across the country, she transformed her inner and outer sense of possibility, forever shifting the scope of her dreams.

A popular speaker for any event inviting its attendees to reach beyond their current accomplishments, Lin’s presentation combines story, song, humor and pearls of wisdom from her bicycle adventures to carry the audience into a clearer view of their own potential and a renewed awareness that by making the commitment, asking for help, connecting with others, sticking with it, and bringing humor to their days, ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.

Example of “Lin’s Biking Notes” —Written during recent vacation to Sanibel Island, FL

We are in the right place, right time.
Seventy-eight in the shade and wonderful.

I remember that I really like to ride my bike,
To a destination & probably food,
On a bike and pedestrian trail
Where it is flat.

My old bike seat fit into suitcase,
And now it is on rented bike,
Making my riding comfortable.
One-speed bikes with coaster brakes,
A throwback to olden-days bicycles
And needing to remember to use feet, not hands
To stop bike.

My lesson, I realized this morning,
Is to see with fresh eyes,
To notice warmth, flowers, bits of shells,
Water curling as it runs along the shore
To smooth up and over beach sand,
A sunset so brilliant orange,
It seems lifted from a marvelous painting.

Osprey flying, sometimes circling nests,
Crying out with small “cheep”-ing calls
That belie their huge size and strength.

Hibiscus blooming on bushes around condo property,
Occasional bougainvillea, scarlet or purple.
And green......
Green as a persistent landscape color.

Sanibel & Sanibel beaches are different than first visit sixteen years ago.
I arrived expecting same, and was grumpy.
Today I am remembering "fresh eyes /beginner eyes"
And am seeing with gratitude.

Much love, Lin