2010—2014 Photo Montage

Stopping for coffee on a gorgeous morning in Washington State. Pacific Coast Ride, 2012.

A welcome detour of quiet and calm, eastern half of the Northern Tier Ride, 2011

Crossing the Peggy Prowe Bridge. This bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Cannon River is the happy result of 20 years of Peggy’s devoted fundraising work. 2014

Victory! Finishing the Northern Tier Ride, at Bar Harbor, Maine, on the Atlantic Ocean. 2011

“Hooking in for a Laugh!” Pacific Coast Ride, 2012

Reaching Niagara Falls, Northern Tier, 2011

Riding the Milltown Trail in hometown Northfield, MN. By the Peggy Prowe Bridge, 2014. Rail-trails are the very best—I’m so glad my home state has so many!

Starting line for the Northern Tier Ride (1st half): The Pacific Ocean, Anacortes, Washington. 2010

“Bicycle tuna sandwich.” With fellow mid-westerner Katie L., Pacific Coast Ride, 2012

Stopping for pie—my favorite! Ride around Lake Superior, 2013

Buddies: best part of bike trips! Pacific Coast Ride, 2012